Minister’s Thoughts

12 June 2021

Over the next month, football will dominate our lives. For supporters of Wales, England and Scotland this will be an exciting and fearful time. After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, football returns to dominate our TV and much of the pub talk across the three nations. Euro 2020 is a […]

5 June 2021

It is now some time since I visited Ghent in Belgium. I miss getting away very much. Over the past fifteen months, I have missed so much; we all have. I find myself moaning about the restrictions, about wearing a mask, about keeping my distance. I live on my own so the only person I have to contrad […]

22 May 2021

This weekend Christians celebrate the birth of the church. Just after Jesus had died, the disciples would meet together to share their grief and prepare for the future. They believed Jesus was among them in a new way and that God’s Spirit would guide and support their efforts in taking the Good N […]

15 May 2021

“Return to normal”, people are saying. But what is normal and what have we learnt in lockdown and in the past fifteen months? We may have learnt that we don’t like being alone – isolated; but perhaps for some that has been quite attractive. We have learnt to ‘stick to the rules’ even as […]

8 May 2021

Of course, I don’t remember anything about my birth. But the stories passed on from siblings and parents tell me that I was born one Friday afternoon, just after lunch, in the same bed my mother and father slept in most of their lives. My father was at work: one of my then four siblings ran to te […]

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