Minister’s Thoughts

21 August 2021

People with disabilities don’t want special treatment. They just want to be treated like everyone else. As the Paralympics begin in the coming week, we honour and celebrate the determination and courage of those competing. In days past, any disability was seen as shameful, as punishment for sin c […]

15 August 2021

After the joy of the Olympics, this week has given the world some stark news. July was earth’s hottest month ever. Ahead of the conference looking at what governments can do to cut emissions and get the world back on a course of renewal, turning the policies of generations around to reduce the cl […]

31 July 2021

A walk on a beach, a swim in the sea – sandcastles and kiss-me-quick hats. Summer! Hot and not so hot, calm and also windy. Breakfast in the garden, or on the balcony, or in a café. Ice cream. Family time or on your own.  Holidays or stay at home. Playing in the courtyard or on the computer […]

24 July 2021

I chose to become a minister of religion, not a policeman. But in the days of Covid, I feel sometimes that is what I have become: a policeman! Trying to keep people safe – and everyone wants the church building to be a place of safety, don’t they? – has become a difficult and lonely role. Dur […]

17 July 2021

That sporting festival known as the Olympic Games is due to start in the coming week. After a year’s delay, the sportsmen and women are gathering in Tokyo to prepare to amaze and thrill us all in displays of winning and losing, of highs and lows, of intimacy and spectacle, but in empty […]

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